2001 Eclipse GT, 58K Miles


Hi there,

I just bought a Eclipse GT 2001 with 58K miles.

I was wondering when I should change the timing belt? and what would it cost?

If i want to take it to a 60K service where should I do it?

Anyone know any good Mitzu Mechanic in the SF bay area (Mountain View)?

Last, what should i keep my eyes out for of this eclipse 2001 with 58K miles.


Bump ?


What does the owner’s manual say?


If you did not get an owner’s manual, a Haynes manual is probably the next best thing.
It has a list of required maintenance and shows you how to do it yourself. There are many things you may not want to tackle yourself but at least you’ll have a resource to check to be better informed on your car. I consider it self defense.


I have a Manual and i dosent say