2001 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L Wheel Bearing Noise

Hi all,

Last week I started hearing a extremely loud roaring noise coming from the front end of my truck. It would smoothen out when you turned to the right or got below 30 mph but you could still tell it was there. My first inclination was that it was out of alignment so i took it and had it checked. The alignment was fine. The noise continued and later that week i jacked up the front end and rocked the tires and sure enough the passenger side tire was loose. I purchased a new hub assembly (dodge made these a weird way so replacing the bearings is 10 bucks cheaper than a new hub and you have to press the bearings in) and installed the assembly on that side. The noise continued. The noise now appears to be coming from the driver side and is deafening at highway speeds. It still smooths out as easy as you please when making a right hand turn. So my questions is could the driver side be bad too or could it be something else? I have checked the ball joints and all the linkage and they seem fine. I have also read that a bad rear bearing can translate to the front via vibration but i have listened to it closely and it does seem to be coming from the front. Any advise would be appreciated.