2001 Dodge Durango eats rear tires

I have a friend that has unusual tire wear on the rear tires, she’s literally buying decent used tires about every 5 weeks. I see nothing wrong except the R.H axel tube has moved out of the diff. housing about 1/4 of an inch. Has any one else experienced this with a Mopar product?

This vehicle should be considered unsafe to drive until that rear axle is evaluated. I urge you to please tell you friend to have the vehicle towed to her favorite shop.

Regarding the tires, I do not subscribe to used tires. Tires are too critical a safety item to be taking those sorts of chances, and how much life is left in them is always a crapshoot. I cannot comment on poor wear on used tires. Once a tire has developed a wear pattern, removing it from its rim and reinstalling it could create a different wear pattern and adversely affect the life left.

But, again, the important point here is that axle. I personally have had a rear axle slide out of its housing (on a Vega) and I urge you to tell your friend this vehicle is unsafe to drive.

Measure the toe in/out of the rear wheels. You can make a rough estimate by laying two straight edges across the rear tires and measureing the front separation and the rear separation. I would guess that any difference of 1/16 inch or more is unsatisfactory. Alternately, have a alignment shop check the toe on the rear wheels and the track to check the squareness of the axle/spring assembly to the frame.

Since the axle tube has moved out of the carrier casting, there is no reason to expect that it moved straight out. Possibly it has also twisted with respect to the carrier casting as well because the final drive torque is carried out to the leaf springs by the tubes.

I assume this is a 2WD with the 5.9 liter engine.

Hope this helps.