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2001 chevy s - 10 4.3 auto

where is the sensor for the evap system…

I believe the sensor that you’re talking about is the FTP. That’s fuel tank pressure sensor. It’s mounted to the fuel pump/sender module on the tank. Inquiring minds would like to know why you’re looking for the FTP.

my thought was… if i could get to the sensor easier than getting through a bunch of processes of elimination to get it repaired, then i would research/investigate tricking the sensor into no more detecting a leak…;>

It will probably be easier to find and fix the actual problem than to try to figure out how to “trick” the sensor into thinking there is no evap leak. The manufacturer makes it difficult or impossible to do something like that because it is illegal to do so.

As it is a pressure sensor and the computer decides when it wants to run an evap test, you will never be able to “trick” the sensor. Maybe if you were to share info like the diagnostic trouble code we might be able to help.

po 440…and im not trying to be difficult,just the opposite infact…i want to find an easy way to get this resolved. but, i would be willing to bet that it ISNT a clear cut garenteed first repair gets it done kinda deal…i dont get a kick out of working on cars anymore. when i was younger i did but now i just drive it…if i went to a gm dealer[ which is what i would do] theres 80 bucks an hour plus [ we tried this, then this, then this…so you owe for all thease parts and we THINK WE GOT IT FIXED.,but come back for more spending…opps imean repairs if it isnt fixed.

I believe taking a ten year old Blazer to the dealer would be a mistake. Chances are that they would be throwing parts at it instead of diagnosing the problem. Most dealership mechanics weren’t mechanics when this Blazer was new. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast fix for this code and I doubt you have a smoke machine or scanner to help with diagnosis. I would suggest finding an independent shop with a good reputation for fixing evap problems. They’re out there.

its a pick up… but i was wondering something…the previous owner had a new fuel pump put in by his neighbor/mechanic…could there be something he had to intereact with? not meaning did he accidentally do something, but is there a connection or something that is nessary to disturb when replacing a fuel pump [ a connection that would/will cause this po440 code]?

Did you get your GAS CAP tested? I had an '01 s10, and the front pump went bad on the motor giving the same code. Go to a good GM mechanic. Make sure what part is bad. Don’t throw parts at it!