2001 Chevy Malibu Anti-Theft Device Activating


I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu with a built-in anti-theft device that cuts off the flow of fuel to the carburetor. It’s so built-in that the dealer tells me I can’t have it deactivated or removed, and it runs through the radio so that I can’t have a different radio either. Three times in the last year it activated and wouldn’t let me start my car. I’ve had it to the dealer, but they say they can’t find the problem or prevent it from happening again. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what to do now?


I would imagine that it works by sensing a voltage on a wire. Assuming it is not a defect at the carb, then wiring a new from an always on power source should defeat it.

This is all theory as I have never seen the system.


I vaguely remember someone having this problem and it was the ignition switch. google it.


Joseph! Im suprised you didnt catch that, 2001 cars didnt have carbuerators! especially someone as modern as Chevy. now whats up here im4sf1951


i cant believe it