2001 Chevy Express 2500 Computer Problems

I have a Chevy Express 2500, and I just had my mechanic repair the engine. It took me a while to pay my mechanic (13 months) due to my budget/income, but after i finished paying him, he started on the repairs. It took him two weeks to finish the repairs, but for some reason he couldn’t get it to start. He called me and asked if I had an alarm or a security chip, to which I answered NO. It worked fine (except the engine) when i took the Chevy to him, I never had a problem with my computer. Later, he calls me up to say that it is fixed and it is working, and he had to call the dealer to have them reset the computer because the computer’s security would not let the Chevy turn on… WHAT??? He wants to charge me $300.00 for that EXTRA work, something i did not agree to, but to his words “It had to be done” in order for my Chevy to work. What can I do? I feel as if he is just trying to get an extra buck from me. Does this sound legit? Can a computer get corrupted somehow when repairing an engine? Or maybe when the battery died, the computer set off a security feature to not let the Chevy start? I don’t want to pay the mechanic for something he might of made up off the top of his head.


After 13 months, the car is overdue for an oil change, at least. The scenerio he lists may be possible, but $300 is way too much. $50 would be reasonable.

The computer can be easily corrupted if the voltage falls below 12 volts. If it did then it’s on the mechanics dime if he had the vehicle. If you had the vehicle during those 13 months then the responsibility falls on your shoulders and you need to pay.

If I read the post correctly the OP parked the vehicle at the mechanics place and took 13 months to come up with enough money to do the repairs. I can’t see where it would be the mechanic’s duty to do anything to the vehicle while it sat there. After 90 days I would have said remove it or pay for the repairs.

If it was at the mechanic’s shop, eating up valuable space, I think OP should feel real lucky that the mechanic didn’t charge rent

After all, a car generating income could have been occupying that space

If that is the case, OP has a lot of nerve to complain about a $300 charge

Ever hear of inflation . . . if the repair estimate was x amount of dollars 13 months ago, it should now be higher

Sounds like the mechanic is a decent guy, and is now being villified by the customer

If the battery failed during the 13 months that it was at the mechanic’s shop, that is not the mechanic’s fault in my opinion

Can’t expect the mechanic to keep his battery charger hooked up to this van for over a year