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1990 olds98 regency brouham

this ma be a little hard to believe but, the truth. My olds quit running,took it to the guys who have done a lot of work on it before. trust them, good mechanics. they have since replaced,the catalytic converter,the fuel pump and fuel lines(rust). the computer. the module for the ignition(melted itself) and it still doesn’t idle, though it runs. they showed me this one.(car running)the guages read -40 degrees for the antifreeze,0.0 amps for the alternator and battery. still don’t know what is wrong (though they had a few words with the company that sent the computer,my mechanics think it’s bad . the company says no way. ??? these guys have done rack and pinion,head gasket,and other repairs and maintenance on my car and up till now I always thought they were the best. I still think so,but this is really nuts.

I’m sure they are fine mechanics as long as they don’t tackle an electrical or electronic problem. For that kind of work (electrical, electronic), you need to check around for a shop which is knowledgeable about things electrical/electronic.

I don’t understand the 0.0 amps for the alternator and battery at all. That makes no sense. Is it claimed that the computer has something to do with this 0.0 amps thing?

If the vehicle apparently runs well but does not idle then that could point to a vacuum leak or Idle Air Valve problem. The latter is also a vacuum leak; just a controlled one (or at least it should be). An alternator that is shaky may also not be putting out enough at idle to keep things going either and I also doubt the computer is bad.

thanks for the help. this really is a tough one for me. they are nice guys

yes the mechanic thinks it has to be a bad computer. I can’t believe that they wouldn’t have checked the alternator. he has a diagnostic machine and I don’t know any of the codes but there were lots of them when I had it towed in thanks for your time and help