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2001 chevy blazer

I will be receiving a 2001 chevy blazer. i am told that it runs but it will shimmy and shake then die. I do not have the car so i do not know details. but could there be a common fix to this problem?

Fixes for things like this are often very common fixes. Its just that the list of possible fixes is really long.

The first thing to do is learn what you can about the maintenance history of the vehicle, and bring all of its maintenance up to date. For rough running you start with the basics: air, fuel, spark. That means replace the air filter & clean the MAF sensor. Inspect all vacuum hoses for disconnects, breaks, etc. Replace fuel filter. Replace spark plugs & wires, and check all other wiring associated with ignition. If all of that gets done and it still runs poorly, then report back.

A couple of caveats:

  • if the check engine light is on go to an auto parts store and have the codes read. Write down the exact codes (like P0123) and you can post those.
  • If the truck has not been well maintained, before you waste any time or money on it, check the compression to rule out mechanical problems with the engine.
  • Since this is a GM, if it has a 6cyl motor worry about a bad intake manifold gasket.

Get the suspension checked,start simple,tire balance,then move to the known ball joint problems. Don’t forget the basics and jump to the known.

You have two issues,vibration and driveability