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2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Won't wake up

I want to know what is wrong with my chevy. It was running fine just before I left it in the storage 3 months ago charge it put fuel in it and started it up and now it won’t move the traction control light shows up indicating something.

Would you explain that a little better. Can you put it in gear? Does it strain against something? Or just rev the RPM’s up? Did you set the parking brake?

How many miles does the car have on it?

I can put it in gear. It doesn’t stain against anything. The rpm don’t rev up at all. I put the car in drive and it won’t move at all. I had a mechanic come look at it and the charges to fix everything is too high. If the tractor control light and abs comes on after not running for a while that mean the issue is just something with the brakes right.

The car has a 100 miles on it.

Why would a 17 year car have only 100 miles on the odometer?

If the car won’t move, the ABS and traction control can’t read the wheel speed sensors because they aren’t moving. Ignore that for now.

What did he say was broken? The transmission I’d guess.

Sounds like a problem with the electronic throttle control, you will need to read the fault codes in the PCM.