2001-chev p/u 6.0 vortec cold start issue


all you ase car guys ? got some help for a ase truck guy ??? got 6.0 chev when its cold outside (below 15degrees) it starts great and idles up good for 5-sec. then falls flat on her face and dies. do they have soom type of cold idle control (IAC) motor or some else.???

0 right up


Maybe losing fuel pressure. Put a fuel pressure gauge on it and watch it during this period.


fuel psi is at spec. during this . seems like its getting a warm engine reading ?? even though its cold -Thanks for the feed back. any other ideas ???


The problem might be with the coolant temp sensor for the computer. If this sensor has failed where it’s telling the computer that the engine is up to operating temperature when in fact it’s at 15 degrees, the engine will run too lean. And as soon as you tip into the throttle the engine stalls because of the lack of fuel.



The engine coolant temperature sensor should have certain resistance, in ohms, at certain temperatures. You can check it with a multimeter. The ohm values are in your repair manual. Here it is: http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c152801cb299 You can check the other components in the menu, also.