2001 Cavalier with dripping rear main seal

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I had the clutch replaced back in January on my 2001 Cavalier. It never dripped a drop of oil prior to taking it to this awful place, but from the time I drove out of there, the rear main seal has been dripping. They broke about 10 other things and put plain water in the cooling system (after they broke one of the hoses) so I have absolutely no faith in them at all so was faced with a lose/lose situation - deal with a leaking RMS and hope the clutch never slips - or bring it back and deal with even more of a disaster on top of the original one. I have found completely conflicting information from everywhere about whether the few drops it is leaking at every stop is cause for concern (for the clutch). Everything from it will definitely slip just a matter of time and I must bring it back to the idiots…all the way to don’t worry about it because other than the annoyance of the spots on the ground - it will never matter.

Ideas? It has been since January 19th that this happened and nearly 4K miles so far and no clutch problems, but I do get to smell burning oil constantly now which is a worry.

DJ44, I appreciate that you have a problem, but please in future start a new thread for your problem. Hijacking another’s thread takes our focus away from the original poster’s question and the answers can get confusing, since it can be hard to tell who the respondent is responding to.

Please, if you would, move your question to a new thread. We’ll be more than happy to help you, we just don’t want to leave the originator of this thread swinging in the wind.

I second the motion for DJ44… All you need to do is Copy n Paste your text after you hit the “Open new Thread” button. Thataway people will read and respond to your issue. You wont get any info this way because it does “Highjack” another persons thread about an issue they are having…just like Mountainbike said. We are happy to offer advice…just open a new thread so it gets the attention it deserves. Do it now brother man…that way you can get some ideas flowing.


sorry. My intention was to let the OP know that for this RMS leak issue, the range of options/advice on the subject is likely to be similar to what I have hear for my situation.

Oh…No worries… Anytime you need advice just start something anew and people will usually respond in a Jiffy…if they are around that is.

That reminds me… I need to diagnose a Cylinder 1&6 Misfire on an Audi A6… Just did the plugs and the Wires (The wires that shocked me nearly out of my shoes the other day) and now the issue still persists. Good thing is that 1&6 are on the same coil pack. The bad is that there are 3 coil packs all in a group mounted frame…the coils can be unbolted from said frame…but cannot be individually unplugged! Time to cut Out and solder In one coil pack to the mix and see what happens.

OK I’m finished going off topic. I off to repair an Audi… Up-Up and Awaaaay!!!