2001 Carolla using oil

I have a 2001 carolla (192,000miles)that has been needing an extra quart of oil between changes for the past year-usually change every 3-4k this past month I’ve had to add a quart every 1-1/2 weeks. I drive city/highway about 350 miles/wk. Took it into the shop; they told me ok to drive but not worth rebulding the engine,I’m not particulary wanting to buy a car, this one still gets great milage, no rust. But I don’t want to be stranded either. Is it worth rebulding the engine if so what questions to ask and what to look for


Before you do anything else, why not try replacing the PCV valve?
For the grand sum of $3.50 or thereabouts, this new part might be at least part of the solution to the increased oil consumption.

Whether a new PCV valve reduces your oil consumption or not, you need to consider some other factors before deciding whether to rebuild/replace the engine. For instance:

How often has the transmission fluid been changed?

If this car has an automatic transmission, and if the fluid has not been changed at least 6 times so far, then the trans will be the next thing to fail. On a car of this age and odometer mileage, the need for trans rebuilding is usually enough for most people to dump the car. If the car needs both engine work and trans work, then–IMHO–you would be very foolish to spend that amount of money on this Corolla.

Try using Castrol High Mileage Motor Oil.
This differently formulated oil might help to reduce the rate of oil consumption of your Corolla.

I’d try a new PCV valve, as VDC driver suggested.

If that doesn’t help just drive it and keep adding oil. Unless the engine starts making horrible death noises you can drive it. It won’t quit running just because it’s using some oil.

As long as you keep the oil level up where it should be it will keep running.

I “third” the motion to try the PCV valve. But a quart of oil approximately every 1000 miles is perfectly healthy on an engine with 192,000 miles. After millions and millions of times being pounded by explosions, which is what your combustion is, the rings get tired, and after millions of times up and down the cylinders the rings and cylinder walls get worn. That’s all normal.

And, as the others said, an engine can use some oil for years and years on end as long as the oil level is kept up and the oil pressure stays up. If it isn’t making strange noises and the warning light isn’t coming on, you can drive on in confidence.

that is within normal oil usage. That does not mean you should ignore the other possibilities, but just keep it in mind.

No, it is not normal usage!

If you read the question again, the OP states that the car has recently gone from consuming 1 qt between changes to consuming 1 qt every 1 1/2 weeks.

The OP definitely needs to monitor the dipstick very frequently, but hopefully installing a new PCV valve and changing to Castrol High Mileage Motor Oil will reduce this high rate of oil consumption.

this carolla is a manual transmission; and the fluid is due to be changed soon (will do it early) along with the PVC valve and try the castrol high milage oil
this has been really helpful!

You are very welcome.
Now, you just need to learn how to spell Corolla, lest you offend the car’s sensibilities.