2001 Camry Losing Oil

My 2001 Camry just hit 100K and when I brought it in for an oil change right at 3K miles my mechanic said there was no oil read on the dipstick. No apparent leaks and all else appear to be fine. Another customer had the same problem and after overhearing my problem suggested an additive. Anyone have any suggestions?

Start checking your oil every second gas fill-up like you should have been doing all along so you can determine the consumption rate…You were at least 2 quarts low, maybe 3…That’s not good…

This is what I use when an engine starts using oil from worn cylinders/piston rings. http://www.restoreusa.com/Engine_Restorer.html?gclid=CJedn9eg_p0CFaM45Qodpk93pg


Well, does your car send out a big blue cloud out of the tail pipe when you start the car or floor the gas pedal?

Is it a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder?
The 6 cylinders had sludge issues for a few years, and I don’t know if yours might be one of the affected years.

Did you spend the 3k miles all on the interstate towing a trailer?
Oil gets hotter, and will get sucked into the PCV system at high engine rpms for long periods of time.


You should check the oil level at least once a month. When the oil gets below the dipstick reading then the oil in the car is working overtime and will “burn off” quicker. Keeping the oil level about 1/2 way between the full and add marks on the dipstick provides enough oil “resting” in the oil pan to reduce the amount of burn off. It is perfectly normal to add some oil between oil changes.

Keep an eye on you oil level after this latest oil change. If it needs a quart of oil in 1,000 miles or less you may have a clogged PCV valve or a some other problem that needs attention.

My Camry is a 4 cylinder. No, I’ve never towed anything. Most of the miles are highway since we live in a rural community. It doesn’t appear to be burning oil but it also doesn’t appear to be leaking oil.

Thanks. I think this is the product the other customer recommended. I’ll try it.