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2001 Buick LeSabre - Can I switch the rack?

can i swap a none magnasteer rack with one that has magnasteer

On a 18 year old vehicle why do you want to get something other than what came on the car ?

the customer asked me if it matters

If you do use a regular rack rather than a Magnasteer rack, and error message will likely appear on the driver’s info display and never go away. That may cause other systems to go into a “limp home” mode as well. The price difference between the 2 racks isn’t that much money.

I read it that the customer wants it changed to magnasteer

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You cannot install a Magnasteer rack in a vehicle that wasn’t equipped with Magnasteer.

Magnasteer requires input from a control module.

Magmasteer is controlled with either the Electronic Brake Control Module, or by a stand-alone module.


Ooops! Read that wrong! Most want to REMOVE it rather than add it later! My bad!