2001 BMW 740 iL - transmission and electronic?



I have a 740 iL BMW. On the dash, the “Transmission Failure” light appeared in Feb. 2010. The car started to drag. I turn vehicle off and on again and continued to drive. The next day about 7 minutes into a drive the “transmission failure” light again plus “check engine soon” light appeared on the dash. The car came to a complete stop. I had the car towed to a shop. The car mechanics could not diagnosis a problem, because the car started to move again without any work done on it.

Your view on the following questions is requested: Is this a transmission and/or electronic problem? What is the best way to handle/fix the problem?

Note, this problem also occurred also about 2 ago in December 2009. At that time, BMW reset some CODE in the transmission.


Why not return to BMW and ask about the “reset”. This car is not very prevalent and may require some specialist(dealer) knowledge.