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2001 Audi TT... HELP

My skid plate on my 2001 Audi TT just feel off. I am currently out of town and need to drive an hour back home to get to my mechanic. Is it safe to drive without the skid plate? How much will it cost to replace it???

Skid plate?

Are you sure you don’t mean splash shield? Is the piece that fell of plastic or metal?

If it’s plastic you can safely drive the car without it.

Hmm see at first I thought it was a splash guard but looking up that part on the Audi website the part didn’t match up. Also, the part is plastic… I’m just super paranoid when I drive because I don’t want to scrape anything important haha.

I’ll keep looking into its part name though, thanks!!!

Anyone know the approx replacement cost?

That is there just as splash protection and noise control. As long as it is not scrapping something, you are good to go. Likely there is a metal replacement available from a third party. Look for “Panzer Plate” or I believe “evolution” also sells one. The metal ones will cost more and they do make changing oil a little more difficult, but they offer better protection from road hazards.

Thank you so much!