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Skidplate for Honda Civic Hybrid 2003/new tires needed

Hi Everyone,

Maybe you can help me with these 2 issues.

My Civic Hybrid '03 has 37,000 miles. I bought it brand new and love it.

Just discovered my skidplate is split down the center and is now hanging and dragging on the ground.

Must I replace it? Is it necessary? Do you know the cost of replacement? I don’t have a mechanic as I’ve never had a moments problem with this great car. I take it to the Honda dealership for my check-ups.

Also, it is time to get new tires. Would anyone recommend buying them at Sam’s Club? Or should I get all the work done at my dealership.

Thank you for any insight and advice.

Skidplate? I thought that only off-road vehicles had those.
Is it possible that the OP is referring to the spoiler underneath the front bumper, or another part?

As to tires, your dealership would almost surely charge you far more for tires than a shopper’s club like Sam’s or Costco. Even most local tire dealers would charge less for tires than the dealership would.

Thanks for your reply.

I heard a shuffling sound while driving on the NJ Black Horse Pike and pulled into a Wawa. The gas attendent looked and thinks it’s called the skid plate. My car manuel has no diagram or mention of anything underneath the car. But have found references to “skidplate” of Civic Hybrids 2009. It is made of plastic.

The thing under your car is not really a skid plate. It is a plastic shroud that helps deflect air underneath the car. It is useful but not critical. I’d suggest going to a body shop and have them reattach it.

For tires I’d avoid Sears and a Honda dealer. Lots of places sell tires including Sam’s club. If the tires are worn evenly you may not need an alignment, but a 4 wheel alignment isn’t a bad idea since the car is almost 7 years old and has never had one since delivered to you as a new car.

Skidplate? I thought that only off-road vehicles had those.

It’s not a skidplate…it’s a splashguard.

For tires I would price them out at an independent tire shops/alignment check beyond Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club installs tire but if your alignment is off they cannot do anything but twiddle their thumbs or blindly install the tires. Sam’s Club does not employ mechanics.

Thank you all for your help. This is my first time using the Car Talk forum and I appreciate your info and insights. is a good source of information on tires as well

Just spoke to my Honda Dealership. It is a “splashguard”. I just duck taped it together. I’ll see how long it holds. Honda said it is not necessary but protective.

Is tire alignment necessary? At Sam’s Club they will “balance” but not align. Sam’s Club told me when they put on my 4 new tires, if they perceive an “alignment” problem, they would inform me and recommend the car requires alignment. Honda Dealership charges $79.95 for alignment. Haven’t yet checked other vendor prices.
I’m thinking of getting the new tires and not alignment unless they perceive a need. Any thoughts?

If the alignment at the Honda dealership is a 4 wheel alignment for $80, that is a good price.

If the tires that are on the car have worn completely evenly across the tread, then there is a chance that you can get away without an alignment. However, a 6 year old car with perfect alignment is a very rare bird.

Bear in mind that your gas mileage may actually increase to some extent, and of course your tires will wear more evenly after an alignment, so I think that it would be $80 well-spent. Why not just have the dealership do an alignment the next time that you need an oil change?