2001 Audi TT - AC not cooling


2001 Audi TT MK1, AC not Cooling, Takes Refrigerant, Compressor Clutch engages, but still blows hot air, the Refrigerant filling gauge goes to red very quickly, any ideas? if the Condesor fan is not working, could that be the reason? at a loss for the solution. Thanks. Tim

I’d find out why fans don’t work

Yes, non-working engine compartment fans could be the cause. Consider the physics. A/C works by moving heat from the passenger compartment to the engine compartment, where it is dissipated into outside air by the condenser & engine compartment fans. The process stops working if the condenser gets too hot.

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Yes the condenser and radiator fan(s) will cause that at low speeds. If it still blows hot at 70+ MPH may be a blend door issue.
But the condenser fan must be fixed and AC pressures checked,

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Because you are in over your head. Take it to a shop before you hurt yourself or blow something up.