2001 Acura CL Check engine light


I have a 01 Acura Cl, with about 80,000.

The check engine light came on. It had codes for random misfire, started in #1, then rotated thru all 6 cylinders.

I changed the plugs and reset.

Came back on.

I added injector cleaner, (BG, then seafoam). reset the light, It returned.

I have tried a new coil in the #1 clylinder to no avail.

What should I do next?


If it is having misfires on all cylinders, then any part that is related to only one cylinder, like a plug, is not going to be the problem. It could be further up the line so the signal that triggers the spark is not being made. It could also be a problem with the CEL system.


Could you tell me what you mean by "Further up the line’?
And how to check what you mean.


Isn’t that under emissions warranty yet?


Good question!
I never thought of that.