2000 XC70 Volvo Heat Shield (turbo)

I told by the dealer that the heat shield on my 2000 volvo wagon is bent . I’m wondering how many are there in this car and is it something that I can just bend back or do I have to have it replace. It rattles a little bit when I’m driving and it’s annoying

Car Broke

The dealer told you that it was bent, but did not offer to straighten it? These things are made from thin sheet metal, so in many cases they can be bent back into roughly the correct shape. It may not look good after being bent back into shape, but nobody sees this part unless the car is on a lift.

As to how many there are on the car, there could be anywhere from 2 to ??. They tend to be annoying when they get noisy from being bent, but they pose no safety problem. The only problem is when they are removed. Unless you relish the smell of burning carpets or other problems with the car, DO NOT remove any of the heat shields.

Take the vehicle to a muffler shop, and ask that they locate this loose heat shield, and what can be done to eliminate rattle. In most cases a welder is used to reattach the heat shield. Or a clamp can be used to quite the heat shield. And in some cases the heat shield is removed because there’s nothing left of it.