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2000 volkswagen beetle abs indicator light

i have two is the abs indicator light.what is the nature of this light and what should i do to have it addressed?and the other is my front low beam head light.the bulb on the drivers side has burned out again.(this will be the fourth time it needs to be it something i can do on my own?or should i take my car back to the shop?thank you for your assistance!steve

The ABS indicator light is telling you that your Beetle’s ABS function is not currently working. The brakes themselves should work properly, but the ABS function will not.

If you want to restore the ABS function, you will need to take the car to a qualified mechanic for diagnosis. Try to avoid both VW dealers and “chain” shops such as Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, Pep Boys, AAMCO, etc. Ask neighbors for a recommendation on a local, independent mechanic for a far lower price than the dealer or a chain shop and–likely–much more competence than you would find at a chain shop.

As to the headlight, your first source of information should be your Owner’s Manual. Unlike years ago, many new cars have headlights that are extremely difficult to access, necessitating removal of some parts (fender liners, the engine air intake, the battery, or other parts sometimes must be removed for access). If the instructions in the manual make it appear that this job is beyond your skill level, then the dealership may be your best bet for quick headlight replacement. However, if the headlight has burned out 4 times, this indicates a problem in the electrical system, and an independent auto electrical specialist may be your best bet.

thank you vdc driver!your advice is very much appreciated.i was wondering if anyone knows of a mechanic they could refer me to.a qualified vw mechanic would be the best .we live on the northshore in mass.and i agree with vdc driver,i would like to avoid the "chain"shops.thank you for your help. steve

I don’t live anywhere near you, but there’s always “Angie’s List”. In addition to your neighbors, coworkers, friends and family, the combination should find someone you can use.