2000 v6 Passat no oil pressure

last week my vw passat ran low on oil. i stopped immediately (less than 1 mi) added oil and later changed oil and filter. 200 miles later “STOP IMMEDIATELY” check oil light came on. towed it to shop and they say replacing engine is better alternative than dropping oil pan to see if filter to oil pump is clogged. How can this be???

It really sounds like the engine is toast, sorry.

Get another opinion. Dropping the pan and checking components is much less expensive than a new engine. You only want to pay for a new engine if there is NO alternative.

Unfortunately, one mile with no oil pressure is enough to destroy an engine. Been there, done that.

I honestly hope this is not your fate.

You did not state anything about symptoms such as knocking, rattling, etc. An oil pressure test can be performed to verify just how bad it is and this procedure is very easy to do.

Less than 1 mile is 1 mile too many when the red oil lamp is on or there is a very low/no oil condition present. At that point some damage has occurred and changing the oil and filter is not going to cure anything.

Maybe have a mechanic put a manual pressure gauge on it and then run it to see how low pressure the oil is or if its electrical albeit a coincidence.