2000 v w beetle a/c warms up when idle


this is a 2000 beetle just recently i replaced the condenser fan motor now the a/cwarms up if the car is under 2000 rpm if somebody knows what cause this please let me know thanks


Assuming the condenser fan is working, you may have a vacuum problem in the ventilation system. There is a door, or flap, that directs air through either the AC evaporator or the heater core, or both, depending on the desired air temperature. If the vacuum motor that controls the flap is defective, the flap will move when it shouldn’t.


Thank you so much i check that and its working the problem is when the car is under 2000 rpm the compresor cut off and when reach around 2500 rpm engage again thank you so much


make sure the water drain is not cloged dirt can fly up and this keeps water in the drain pan and the freezes up . does it work fine for an hour then gets hot. turn the a/c off and let the wate melt. look under car for water on ground. find drain line and check it. I have found some that had leaves inside.