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2000 toyota tundra P1300 only when hot

I have a mysterious issue with my truck. It will stall and not restart only once the engine is warm, throwing a p1300 code. From the troubleshooting guides that I have found for this code, nothing seems to indicate what could be going wrong with the IGF signal only when running in closed cycle. Any ideas would be appreciated.

btw, it’s the V6 3.4l engine.

Here’s an explaination of this code and what causes it.


Yes, that’s very similar to what I was looking at earlier. From that I can see what needs to be checked to find the trouble component, but what I don’t see is how the listed diagnostics would find what is only an issue when the engine is warm. Do I have to check all these things cold, and then when it is warm to find what is not working while it is warm?