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2000 Toyota Sienna - 3 Alternators in 1 month

Frequent changing of alternator. In fact I’ve changed 3 in just under a month plus battery as well.

Why have you done this?

With just this wealth of information to go on, I’d be willing to bet the alternator is not the problem.

The problem is a misdiagnosis. Turn the key to the RUN position (engine not running) and touch the alternator pulley with the tip of a screwdriver. If you feel a magnetic pull from the alternator then it should be good.,

Next step is check the circuit between the alt and battery to see if a fusible link has given up.

If you are able to use a volt meter do this simple test. Before the first start of the day the battery should measure about 12.6 volts. Immediately after starting the engine, 13.5-15.5 volts. What do you measure?

Thanks for the tip. I finally got it done. The Technician said the car wasn’t properly earthed. So he had it fixed an then changed the alternator. After that my runned down battery is working perfectly.

Good for you, glad you are back on the road. When the electrical system isn’t properly grounded (earthed), it’s sort of like trying to jump when you are standing in quicksand.