2000 Toyota Echo Hesitating in 1st Cylinder

When I accelerate from a stop, I have very little power in the 1st cylinder. Once it picks up speed it runs great, it’s only in the inital acceleration. Doesn’t happen all the time, but happens probably about 1/2 the time. Changed spark plugs and used engine cleaner… helped a little bit, but problem isn’t completely solved. Any suggestions?

I’d be interested to know how you’re sure it’s the #1 cylinder and not one of the other ones. But it doesn’t really matter…

Did you replace the plug wires along with the plugs? If not, I bet that’ll take care of the problem.

This car doesnt have plug wires or a distributor , the ignition is electronically controlled and it uses 4 coils 1 for each cylinder i will check them to verify they are not lose and then check if there is no a false contact on them also will check the voltage coming into them.

Yikes, alright then. Shows how much I know (or not).