2000 Toyota Camry solara collision

I was involved in a car accident and my 2000 Toyota Camry solara was hit on the driver front side. The car that hit me was going around 30 mph and hit my car pretty hard. When he hit me my car completely spun around. My cars left fender right fender hood bumper and headlight got messed up , But the car still drives. My only concern is that the cars frame seemed to have shifted to the right. And I would like to get a approximate repair price to see if it’s even work it to fix it or just junk it. I called a few shops and they said I had to bring it in but they are not nearby and I do not feel sale driving the car. I would really appreciate if someone can give me a approximate price to fix my car.

These are the pictures of my car

Just an off the cuff guess, but I would think that kind of damage would total out a 16 year old car. But I have been known to be wrong before.

Hard to be definitive but it looks to me unless you can do the work, it’s totaled.

Was it your fault? The insurance company will determine if it’s totalled. It looks as if it is, but they will make that determination.

Your Car Doesn’t Have A “Frame.” I Has Unibody Construction, Whereby Reinforced Parts Of The Body Serve As A “Frame”.

The front bumper is connected to frame rails (reinforcements welded to the body). When it got hit on the left, the impact swayed the whole front of the car to the right, “front-end sway”. This can usually be re-aligned by a quality body shop and sheet metal and other parts replaced.

The damage looks pretty extensive.

Is the car covered by collision insurance? An insurance company would probably consider it a total.

Start doing your homework. Get prices of similar vehicles (prior to collision), with similar model-year, equipment, miles, etcetera. That way you’ll know if a fair settlement is offered. The amount should be negotiable.


No one can make an estimate by pictures . The only thing that counts is the insurance adjustor 's opinion . If the accident was investigated by the police whoever was deemed at fault will determine which insurance company pays.

“The only thing that counts is the insurance adjustor 's opinion . If the accident was investigated by the police whoever was deemed at fault will determine which insurance company pays.”

Not in a “no fault” state. An owner with collision insurance gets their own vehicle covered. An owner without collision insurance is SOL. A hitter with insurance comes out better than a hittee without insurance.


You need to get your insurance company involved ASAP. This car should have been towed from the scene to an authorized body shop and they should have assessed the damage and provided an estimate to your insurance company. From there, your insurance company files a claim with the other driver’s company and a decision is made whether the damage is sufficient to “total” the car. Or, if you’re from a “no fault” state, your insurance will make that decision up front as soon as they get the estimate.

If you’re not insured… you’re screwed. But you still need an estimate from a reputable collision repair shop. You’ll just need to have it towed.

I urge you, PLEASE do not drive this car until its safety is evaluated. Having a ball joint or tie rod end snap, having a wheel come off, having a brake line break open, any of these is possible from this accident, and if one of them happens your problems will multiply exponentially… especially if someone innocent gets seriously injured or killed.

Thanks for all the replies, and my insurance company deemed it 60/40 60% percent my fault and I don’t have collision coverage so they will not be paying for the repairs and the other drivers insurance said its 100% my fault do they will no be paying for my car. This is why I’m trying to see if I should junk it or get it fixed.

Unless you’re able to do the repairs to the vehicle yourself, the cost of repair will be more than what the vehicle is worth.

So it’s time to call the auto recycler, and have them come and get the vehicle.

You might get $300.00 for it as the vehicle sits.


No Fault, at least in NY applies to medical bills which are covered for any occupant of your car or a pedestrian or bicyclist struck by it. It is at least $25000 dollars and optinal increased coverage is available. Property damage is a comparative negligence matter unless you have collision coverage.

In the example the OP gave, if the insurance companies both agreed the accident was 60 % his fault, the other drivers insurance would have to pay 40% of your loss and your insurance would have to pay 60% of his loss.

If you had collision coverage , your insurance Co. would take his to arbitration to recover 40 % of the damage to your car but I don’t know if you can get them to when they are not on the hook for your damage.

Agree. Bottom line is you aren’t going to want to pay to have this fixed so its time to find another car. Then you can deal with the insurance issue. Your company should really help you to collect for the 40% from the other company. At any rate you are into the $5000 and above range on repairs at least.

Wow lol I had purchased the car for $1500 so I guess not worth it. I had called a couple junk yard and they are offering me $150 is there anyplace I can get a little more than $150


Take it and thank you’re lucky stars that you weren’t seriously injured.

Time to say goodbye! Take the money and go on with your life.

Hey, thank goodness you and the others involved are okay. It takes less than a split second to have our lives turned upside down. You could be dead or have incurred serious injuries. If, if, if the collision had occurred with greater speed, or if the impact involved different locations on the cars, all of you may have died.

To me, the most important piece to take away from this accident is what you and the others learn from it, you know? Pain, or the potential to experience pain, can be wonderful teachers, at least for me. At some point, usually just before I completely annihilate myself through various self-destructive behavior, I relent and start the task of learning how to live without inflicting more pain than is necessary to learn from my mistakes. I don’t like pain.