2000 Suburban 5.3L Hard Start when Hot

My 2000 Suburban with 115,000 miles starts at the first turn on the key when it’s cold.

After driving for a while, shutting it down and letting it sit for 10 minutes it’s hard to start. The engine turns over normally but will not start unless I press the gas peddle a few time. After this it runs a little rough for a few seconds then smooths out.

If after running it I shut down then immediately restart it starts up fine.

No other engine issues once started, it runs normally.

Where to start?



Likely leaking fuel pressure regulator or leaking fuel injectors. They can dump fuel in while the engine is turned off resulting in a flooded condition. Working the gas pedal helps clear the flooding.

There are 56 driveability TSB’s for your Suburban,some fit your symptons, give them a look.

I pulled the vacuum hose off the Fuel Pressure Regulator and gas leaked out. Is this a sign that it’s failed?

Problem solved! Fuel pressure regulator was leaking, when I removed the vacuum hose fuel was dripping out. Replaced part, $45 from Autozone, all is well.