2000 Subaru Outback stored for 10 months

I have been in the Philippines for almost 9 months now and in May I am coming home. My car has been in storage for this time and before I left I washed it, filled it with fuel, changed the oil, disconnected the battery, took the tires off and put the car on blocks (the car is resting on its A-frame in the front and where the struts come into the suspension on the rear), and the tailpipe is plugged with a squishy football to prevent critters from entering. Aside from removing the football, putting the tires on and reattaching the battery, what should I do to get it ready to be used again?


You are most likely going to have to reprogram the key fob.

You didn’t mention anything about adding stabilizer. If you stored in a cool climate, it might not matter, but I would go to a marine store and get a little ethanol emzyne and stabile now for a boost and refresher even after storage.

By key fob do you mean the remote to unlock the car. If so…haha…I lost that about a year after I got the car.

Check Ebay for a replacement fob. They are pretty reasonable to purchase from there.

How much is the reprogram?