2000-something Lincoln MKZ - Battery drain overnight

Battery drains dead overbite. Bought 3 batteries in 3 years. Problem is the heat under the hood. Motor does not vent well

Majority of cars have high under hood temperatures, your problem lies elsewhere. Have you had it checked for parasitic drain? What are your driving habits? CEL on?
While you are responding, correct the year of your vehicle.


WAIT, WHAT! ? you have a 2022 Lincoln and you bought 3 batteries in 3 years for it?

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With the high under hood temperatures in the desert we replace many batteries after 18 to 24 months, with the 2 year free replacement warranty our customers do not need to pay for batteries.

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You need a better mechanic in order to properly diagnose the battery-life problems.
More than likely, there is a parasitic drain on the battery.

And, a dentist would be the best person to consult about an overbite issue.