2016 Lincoln MKX- New battery already?

I bought my vehicle new and it currently has 4570 miles on it. Two months ago the battery died. The dealer said it was drained because I don’t drive enough to support all the computerization. The advice I got was to drive more or use a trickle charger once a week. The battery will be at 95% at night but by morning it is down to 42% just parked in the garage. Is the battery really OK or should I insist on a new one?

Dealer is probably correct. With a car that still has a year left on the warranty I would enquire about a batterymaintainer from the dealer.

The battery has a separate warranty of it’s own. It has to test bad and then be prorated . I would just get a new battery because the draining has shortened it’s life. You could probably get a new battery elsewhere for less money then the dealer without the prorate. But if it makes you feel better having the Lincoln mechanics do it that is your choice.