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2000 silverado rev during shifting

My 2000 Silverado with a 5.3l v8 engine is shifting funny after a rear main seal was replaced. I replaced it and it was the first time I ever dropped a transmission. I know the seal is in properly but now the Rpms increase when shifting mostly in second and third gear and it’s making me nervous any ideas on what’s wrong?

You probably disconnected the battery when you did this repair.

When you do this, it erases the adaptive memory the PCM has learned.

Erasing the PCM’s adaptive memory may also affect the way the transmission shifts and feels. The transmission may not feel the same until the PCM or transmission control module relearns the shift adjustments. This may take 50 to 75 miles of driving.


It feels way better now I appreciate the response I was really worried I’m trying to
Learn this stuff but I should’ve bought a junket to try it out on first not my daily

Hopefully it’s just the re-learning thing posted above. Still, w/this system and the fact you removed the transmission to replace the engine seal, it’s a good idea to make sure the transmission fluid level remains correct.