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2000 Siena passenger window

The passenger window on our 2000 toyota siena goes down normally but when you try and raise the window it will only go up in small increments and you have to wait 3 to 5 minutes before it will go another increment. In about 10 increments it will fully close. The Toyota dealer wants to replace relay, motor etc for approximately $500. What needs replacing?

I’m going to say the motor/regulator is faulty. Some vehicles have these two as a one piece assembly and some are separate.

The door panel has to come off regardless of the problem and you can check for switch power/faults, window binding in the tracks, etc.

I would recommend you investigate the easier things first as the motors and regulators are not that cheap.

You don’t have to take the van to a Toyota dealer for this (unless you have no choice) repair as most independent shops charge less for labor. Like I said, “most shops”.