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2000 Saturn SL1 Squealing From Driver Side?

I have a 2000 Saturn SL1 standard. It’s been great with very little need for repairs beyond routine maintenance. In the last two weeks it has started an odd squealing that I can’t pin point.

While driving along all of a sudden a squealing sound will emanate from what seems like the driver’s side firewall area. Acceleration or breaking does not seem to change it, nor does adjusting the speed of the hot air blower up or down.

It doesn’t sound like a wheel scraping or anything like that. The best way I can describe it is it sounds like what happens if a speed-o-meter cable needs lubricated (but of course there is none of this vehicle).

Any thoughts?

When were the accessory belts replaced? What you describe is a classic symptom of a worn or contaminated belt. You need to have a mechanic go for a test drive with you and listen. He or she shouldn’t have much trouble with the diagnosis.


Belts Should Be On The Passenger Side. Your Noise Is On The Driver Side.

Is the noise usually heard at highway speed ?
On which side is your radio antenna located ?

GM published a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) to help their technicians locate a whistle noise (or groaning during periods of precipitation) in Saturn S-series sedans and wagons, including 2000 and 2001 model-years.

The 2 page bulletin says the noise is heard as coming from high up on the dash, near the windshield. It instructs mechanics to confirm the noise, remove the antenna mast, and verify that the noise is eliminated.

The fix is a new, improved mast P/N 21024561. I think if I suspected the antenna that Id just stich some masking tape along the leading edge, drive the car, and see if the noise is eliminated or changed, rather than taking the mast off first.