2000 Protege single "clunk" when turning

History: I replaced both front struts, both front wheel bearings, and both sway links on my 2000 Mazda Protege. 130k, so it needed all. The repair went well, no problems.

New problem. When I test-drove the car, it now makes a single clunk when I change directions. Turn left, it clunks, turn right it clunks. The sound is coming from the driver’s side only. IT IS A SINGLE CLUNK ONLY WHEN DIRECTION IS CHANGED, NOT A “CLICKING” THAT YOU WOULD GET WITH A BAD CV JOINT. If I “weave” down the road at low speed, I can make it clunk any time.

Hypothesis #1: I am thinking of replacing the lower ball joint and control arm (it comes as one piece) but would like some affirmation before I start. When I did the original fix, I noticed that the ball joints were worn. However, they were fairly stiff yet, and not loose or wobbly, so I reassembled and left them alone.

Hypothesis #2: Could it be the mounting bracket on the top of the left strut is worn, and is clunking back and forth? Doesn’t seem related, but I don’t know enough about this repair determine one way or another.

Things that I suspect are not the culprit: axle, cv joints, tie rod, transmission, hub, wheel.

Any help would be appreciated.