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2000 Pontiac Grand Am slips til you take your foot off the gas

Hi! I have listen to your radio show for years!! Completely baffled… The transmission slips in second but when you let up off the gas it goes into gear and keeps driving. I had the transmission replaced (against the advice of the transmission mechanic!) and still slips in 2nd!?! Not sure if this makes any difference but the problem started right after my neighborhood ‘mechanic’ replaced my fuel pump assembly and filter…?

What did the transmission mechanic advise you to do ? What were his thoughts on it slipping?

He didn’t know what was causing it but had never seen a bad transmission act like that and believe replacing it wouldnt help. (Which it didn’t!) Took it to another local shop who had it for 7 full days and advised taking it to an electrical shop that “has tools GM doesn’t have” because they came up empty hand too!

There is no such place. GM built the car, the dealer has the tools to fix it. But other shops do, too. I’d suggest you go to a proper independent automotive shop with trained mechanics to look into this.

Given that this is a 2000 model, I’m not sure I’d have spent the money for a transmission replacement. I think I’d have driven it to a junkyard and sold it to them.

Any other time I would agree with you with it being an older car. But this car has been maintained by GM shop since day one. All preventive maintenance / parts done / replaced when it was recommended not when the parts went bad. (With GM parts by GM maintenance. ) Money just got super tight and tried other options. But hey…Thanks for the reply… Super helpful.

What does the mechanic that replaced the transmission say?

Who did the work ? Transmission mechanic ? Neighborhood mechanic? GM?

Was it a used or rebuilt transmission?

Was Torque converter replaced?

Any check/service engine lights on?