2000 Oldsmobile Alero Radio Replacement

Can anyone tell me how to replace the radio in my 2000 Olds. Alero?

The question is a little vague.

Do you mean you just want to pull out one factory radio unit and put in another? If so, I don’t know the Alero specifically, but normally you just need a special little tool that slides into a couple of holes or slots in the front of the unit. This releases retaining clips and the thing should slide out. The Olds could be different, but that is frequently how it works.

If you want to install a whole new radio I would check out Crutchfield:


Not only will they send you any special little tools you need, but also any kinds of adapter kits you need and complete instructions. On top of that they have great tech support since even with the instructions you may have some questions. If you’ve already bought an aftermarket head unit, you can still get an install kit from them. They usually come free w/ a purchase, but you can also just buy various install kits.

Here is a link that may help you also though it looks like you have to pay them for the help.


Removing the radio should be straightforward, probably just need to pop off the trim piece that surrounds the center console and then unbolt the radio. I believe your car has a radio that requires a dealer scan tool to reprogram it if is installed in another car. So if you install a used Delco radio, you will need to pay a dealer to unlock it.