2000 Mercury Sable new transmission, fluid blowing out

2000 Mercury Sable had transmission replaced and now fluid is blowing out changed gasket 2 or 3 times what can I do?

How long ago was the transmission replaced? Have you taken it back to the shop that did it so they can take a look?

About 6 months ago and he replaced gaskets and then flushed it out said it was not his problem

And you believed him? Take it back to the transmission shop that worked on it. Explain to him (nicely) that your next step is to talk to a lawyer and the local TV consumer protection reporter.

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I did and he said it was something to do with cooler and he would repair for 500.00

Something? What thing? Has the transmission cooler failed and pumped engine coolant (anitfreeze) into the transmission? If so, yeah, that’s not his problem, that’s on you and you should get it fixed pronto. Antifreeze doesn’t make good transmission fluid

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No the transmission fluid gets hot and blows out on ground

The transmission cooler isn’t working

Who is responsible for that

Transmission coolers are normally flushed when a transmission is replaced, if that isn’t possible the radiator must be replaced. The vehicle owner pays for the new radiator.