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2000 Mercedes ML320 : slight "crump" coming off the line

This came up after an oil change at a trusted garage. The truck has 125,000,

and, as with all ML’s is AWD.

Coming off the line, if I accellerate slowly, there is no problem. If I accellerate with slighly more juice I hear and feel a slight “crump” within the first half-revolution of my wheels, and then all is normal. If I accellerate with lots of juice, then I get the same “crump”.

I do not get a crump in reverse.

This has gone on for three months without any sign of worsening, or self-repairing.

I’ve looked at the edmunds boards with no luck.

Thanks in advance.

It’s going to either be a motor mount or differential mount. Do you hear it coming from the rear or front, primarily?

Seems to be the front.

Mr_josh was CORRECT! The mechanic replaced two motor mounts and the problem is gone.

Thank you!!!