2000 Mercedes-Benz 190 - transmission switch

I have been told I need a transmission switch for my A190. It still drives but is in safe mode. any help would be appreciated.
Regards Page

Almost sounds like a switch is bad and needs replaced.

What help do you need? Replace the switch so you can get your performance back. Safe mode is no way to drive around.

The car drives(in safe mode) but will not change gear. Is there even such a thing as a transmission switch?

First of all, your terminology is unusual . . . we’re here in the USA

And the symptoms you’re describing are usually referred to as “limp” mode

The automatic transmission is allowing you to drive home . . . or to a shop . . . while at the same time attempting to prevent mechanical damage

This is only supposed to happen if certain faults are recognized

You’ll have to spend money for a proper diagnosis and repair . . .