2000 MB ML320 power locks

Hello there,

I have a 2000 Mercedes Benz ML 320 and am having problems with my power locks. Specifically, the driver side power lock appears to be malfunctioning. When I press the lock button on the remote and also the lock button on the center console, I can hear the motor engaging, but the lock does not go up nor down. I am curious if anyone perhaps has an idea on what the problem may be? The car has side airbags and was thinking to remove the door panel to check-out the power lock - how difficult is it dealing with side airbags?? Any suggestions or recommendations are much appreciated.


D in AZ

Removing the door panel shouldn’t have any effect on side air bags. Then again I don’t know a lot about MB.

There may be dirty/loose or corroded wiring connections or a faulty lock actuator in the door.

Do a continuity test from the fuse panel first to both sides of the switch and then to both connections on the lock actuator in the door.

There MAY be some linkage binding.

The bags are usually in the headliner…But taking a Benz door apart is usually quite an adventure. Benz mechanics earn every penny they are paid…