2000 Intrepid Air conditioner Clutch running all the time even in heat mode not in defrost mode

I have a 2000 Intrepid with ATC (automatic temperature control).
I noticed my A/C clutch is always is on even in heat mode (no defrost mode)
Is this normal in automatic mode even if I set temp at 90° without defrost mode?
Been looking on forums and some say it is normal for newer cars and some say no.
What is correct.
Doesn’t seem normal to me when I set temp at 90° and the A/C is still running. The heat does work though.
I did check for voltage at the clutch and it has power so something is telling it to run, (not a bad clutch,stuck clutch etc)

I never seen or heard it cycle when watching it. (hard to tell when driving) because the cooling fans go from low to high sometimes even without the A/C cycling.

In manual mode I can physically turn on or off the A/C but if it is on, I never seen it cycle yet when set at a normal temp 72-75° is this normal?
I know it depends on outside temp,humidity, inside temp etc but if it feels comfortable in the cabin shouldn’t the A/C cycle on and off every few minuts-10 minutes etc or is it normal to go 30 minutes or more without cycling?

I don’t have it on max Cool or recirculate mode either.


It’s probably normal. I rented a new Chrysler 200 last winter and I distinctly remember that my windshield stayed nice and clear while running in the heat mode. I’m not sure if the AC was on or not but I’m guessing that it was since I never had to switch to the “defrost” mode during the entire 800 mile trip.

I’m guessing you have not had the car long. It is normal for the air conditioner to operate for humidity control for clear windows. On some it is more noticeable than others and the car does have a few years on it. Just set the climate control where you want it and drive on.

I do not believe this is normal, though the last vehicle with this platform that I had was a 1994. Some vehicles have a variable-displacement compressor where the compressor does indeed run all the time, but I don’t think yours is one of them. I think mostly GM did this. If the HVAC is totally off, does the compressor still run? If it does, I’d try swapping the A/C compressor relay with another similar relay to see if that solves it. The relay may be stuck closed. If it does shut off with the HVAC totally off, the control unit may be failing.


It’s not normal for the compressor to be engaged 100% of the time.

This wastes fuel when the AC isn’t required.

The problem is probably with HVAC head unit. This is the component on the front of the dash with all the HVAC controls. It’s a mini computer.

In the mean time, either unplug the compressor clutch electrical connector or remove the compressor clutch fuse to prevent the compressor from operating when the AC isn’t required.


As I recall that was a common complaint, the compressor runs when in auto mode no matter what temperature is selected. You can select to switch the compressor off by pushing the snow flake button.