2000 Impala-engine cuts out while driving


While I was driving my 2000 Impala this afternoon, the engine cut out. I made it into a parking lot, turned everything off (radio, air, car), waited 30 seconds and it started right up.

I had another problem with it two weeks ago. I left a restaurant and tried to start my car. It would not start. A friend stopped by and got it started. The car died as I tried to leave the parking spot and it would not start again. I tried 10 or more times to get it started again. While waiting for a tow, I pressed the accelarator down three times, and it started right up.

I drove it to a service station but they could not duplicate the problem. I had them change the fuel filter and put a fuel cleaner in the tank. $250 dollars later, I’m having the same problems.

Any ideas? Thank you!


I have the exact same car. I just started having the exact same problem.

My first impression is that it is not fuel related. If the fuel delivery were failing, I would expect the engine to sputter, especially when under a load. But it runs 100% perfectly fine, right up until the moment it suddenly and completely dies.

All of the accessories still have power (radio, windows, wipers, etc) so I’m not thinking that this problem is power loss or a bad ground.

Maybe it is a loose wire, connector, relay, or fuse. Could also be a bad crank angle sensor or camshaft angle sensor. I wish I could know for sure.

I have tried jiggling several of the wiring harnesses while the engine is running in a vain attempt to duplicate this problem in my driveway. So far, I’ve had no luck.