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2000 Honda rear end bang on accelaration

My 2000 Honda Cr-V front wheel drive makes a banging sound occassionally when I’m accelerating from a stop or slow roll. The banging sound appears to be coming from the rear center of the vehicle. I had the tranny rebuilt by a reputable (there are some?) tranny shop in June of 2017. Not familiar with rear ends or suspensions. Is there a u-joint that could be causing this. It doesn’t happen every time, but when it does it is loud enough to hear. Any thoughts, as always, are appreciated. Thanks guys and gals.

Very, very often these sounds are coming from a location other than where they seem to be. In a FWD vehicle such as yours, chances are that it’s coming from the front… specifically the powertrain. There’s no “U-joint” in the powertrain, but there are two different types of CV joints. My first suspect would be an inner CV joint.

I’m wondering; why was the tranny rebuilt in June?
What’s the CRV’s year and mileage?
Do you tow with it?
Have you brought it back to the tranny shop? There should be at least a one year workmanship warranty.

Truth is, it could be a tranny mount, a loose exhaust connection, or any number of other problems.

Given Honda’s history of problematic motor and transmission mounts, I think that the first one is a strong possibility.

The noise might be coming from a worn/broken rear stabilizer bar end link or a worn bushing.

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It can also be a golf ball in the spare tire well or your kid’s lacrosse ball in the back somewhere. First diagnostic test is to clean the interior and take out all the miscellaneous stuff that accumulates in everyone’s car. Sometimes there are covers along the interior sides near the back of the taillights for access to the bulbs. Open them up and look inside with a flashlight for that missing Titleist.

The tranny was rebuilt after I had no accelaration in any ger. My mechanic looked at it, tried a fluid change and it needed a rebuild. I don’t tow with it, but bought it used with 70,000 miles on it, and although it had no hitch, can’t say if it ever towed. Currently it has 238,000 miles on it and I don’t tow with it.

Thanks for all the responses so far guys. I don’t play golf though and no kids, but I get your point. I do have a bunch of tools, etc in the back well.

it does not make noise on every acceleraton? but if you start/stop a dozen times on trip can you make the noise? will it bang during a 1/2 hour trip with multiple stops?