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2000 Honda Odyssey

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey and the driver side electric door does not shut all the way, I think I have to contact the District Service manager to replace the latch assembly under goodwill consideration. How can I find the District Service Manager?

Do you honestly believe Honda will give you a goodwill repair on a 10 year old car?

Best of luck, but it really is not likely - it has taken class action lawsuits to get them to repair transmissions just outside of warranty periods and brakes that were wearing excessively fast. I sincerely doubt they’ll be willing to cover any of the cost. The latch assembly is $143 MSRP (you can buy from Honda dealers online for $103). I can’t imagine the labor being more than 3 hours, tops, so the bill shouldn’t be horrific. Unless you’ve had a LOT of other repairs on this vehicle, I think you’re on your own.

They might, actually. They’ve been known to do stuff like that.

However! They also tend to only give you one significant goodwill assist over the life of the car. So if you blow it on a $300 repair job, and then your transmission goes out next week, you’re much less likely to get help from Honda on it.

The transmission going out next week is a legitimate concern on this vehicle. I wouldn’t pester Honda on this one. '00-'02 Odysseys have been known to have significant transmission failure problems. When that happens, then you pester Honda for good will assistance.

Thanks for all replies, I just want to know how I can find the District Service Manager
for Honda

Sorry, but I’d have to disagree - I’ve never known anyone to get significant goodwill work done by Honda unless there is a common defect that they’re trying to placate people over… Similar to my 87 Camry which had common engine problems and necessitated 2 rebuilds, one at 40k and another at 80k before they got it right… or a relative’s Crown Vic, which got a goodwill transmission replacement after a common failure…

But these all occurred well before 10 years. At this point, I think the OP is truly on their own…

What makes you think the latch assembly is bad?

I think the proper course of action is take(pay) it to a dealer have it diagnosed. Once performed see if you can get it good willed. I think your chances are pretty low but who knows.

Let us know.

There’s a lot of DIY info about these doors at if you think you might want to fix it yourself.

Ask your dealer for contact info for the district service manager.