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2000 Honda Odyssey - Rattle sound in climate control system

2000 Honda Odyssey - from inside the van, we have a rattle sound that seems to come from the climate control system. Leaves have been cleaned out, rattle went away for 3-4 days then came back. Rattle is while system is on or off, warm or cold engine. Sound is like a hamster wheel or maybe boiling water. We’re getting stumped.

No garlic in the duct system - no smell.
Thx for the help.
Garlic John (Gilroy, CA)

I expect some leaves or other debris remain, but down further in the vent ducts where you can’t easily clean them out. If leaves get into the vent area where the air is drawn from (usually this is at the bottom of the windshield), they can eventually break into small enough pieces to get sucked into the vent and will lodge farther down. If the noise is sort what you’d hear holding apiece of paper in the wind, that’s probably the problem.

If it’s fairly easy to remove the fan blower motor and squirrel cage and clean that area of all debris, that’s probably what I do first. Best of luck.

I’m eating some of your Gilroy garlic by the way tonight for dinner! I bought it at Safeway yesterday. I only buy Gilroy garlic, it’s by far the best flavor!