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Curious noise from climate control

2000 Volvo V70. Occasional use-mostly weekends. When the fan is on either in heat, auto or cool, there is a deeo rattling sound coming from the dash behind the vents. Sounds like a marble rolling around in there. Maybe a wirn dan motor bushing? I frequently park under a messy bush and I wonder if those annoying red berries got past the screen and are bouncing around in the intake.

Any ideas??

There could easily be a piece of debris caught in the fan or the ductwork. If you’re lucky it will eventually dislodge itself and the noise will stop. Otherwise, removal of the fan will probably be necessary to remove whatever is stuck in there.

Perhaps you should reconsider where you park, since this sort of debris can clog up the evaporator drain tube and lead to water dripping on the floor of the car from the vents.