2000 Honda Civic


I am looking at a 2000 Honda Civic with only 40,000 miles. The owner travels at lot (mostly overseas)& seldom uses his car except when he is home. Is this model reliable? Any major problems? Any info from current or previous owners will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


The first thing to be aware of is that, despite the low odometer mileage, this car will need to have the timing belt (and the water pump) changed a.s.a.p.

Assuming that it has never been changed, that timing belt is about 1-2 years overdue on the basis of elapsed time, and since the engine is of the interference type, a broken belt would result in major internal engine damage. Be sure to budget the cost of the timing belt, belt tensioners, and water pump into your calculations of how much this car will actually cost you.


Does it have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission? Does the owner have maintenance records to show you? A car this old with this mileage should be a good deal if it is reasonably priced. How much is the seller asking for? Make sure you budget for maintenance right away. You will need a new timing belt and a new timing belt tensioner. I would also get the transmission fluid and coolant changed right away if theyhaven’t been changed recently. The same goes for oil and possibly brake fluid. Other than these items, the car should be in good shape.


Its a good bet however pay a mechanic to check over if you are happy with price etc. Ask about timing belt as its currently due and likely not changed, interval is 8yrs/105,000 miles(whichever first).


Thanks for all your help.
I didn’t know it has timing belt. I wouldn’t buy any car with t/b. So I will start all over again.