2000 Grand Prix

Where is the low side port to recharge the A/C system?

On the accumulator, the can-like thingy.

How low are the A/C pressures? Is it cooling at all? What’s the story here?


A/C is intermittent. When it cools it works pretty well, but then it stops and will be off for a time. I haven’t timed the on/off cycles, but I drive 2.5 hours a day round trip for work and it can start to get a bit sticky before it kicks back on.

It’s almost as if there is a wide disparity between the on/off temperatures and this is not a climate control vehicle. Imagine I set the temp to 65. The a/c might kick off at 64 and kick back on at 80. That is what it feels like. It just gets to where I want it and a couple minutes later it’s getting a bit sticky.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Bought an all-in-one-can refrigerant charger. It has the quick coupler connector attached, but no pressure gauge.

Go ahead and try charging it back up to see if it holds, I don’t think you’ll do any harm with one can. If problems persist, take it to an A/C shop to have it diagnosed. Then post the diagnosis here, so we can help you avoid being taken for a ride.