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2000 Grand jeep cherokee

posted a problem on car not starting, does someone know if maybe I need a new battery or the cable holder?would this make the dials all crazy in my car?

You do need a volt meter to determine the solution to your question. If it was a cable end that got broken and not the battery post, replace the cable end. It should be good to go. If the battery post got broken, the battery is junk, and you need a new battery. The dials will go crazy if they were not getting the proper voltage, which is what happens when there is not a good connection. When the car is jumped, do the dials settle down? What is the physical status of the cable/battery?

If that is the original battery, it is time. You also should check both ends of each battery cable to make sure the are clean and tight. Either of the above could also cause the dials to go crazy.

When it does not start, exact what happens when you turn the key when trying to start it? Does it do it all the time or only occasionally?

Get hubby, or a mechanic, to replace what was broken when the cable was tightened. A bad battery connection will cause all sorts of problems.

Sounds like he broke the cable end. You can get new ones at auto parts stores or replace the entire cable.

If the battery post itself is broken you need a new battery.